CAP CANA, Punta Cana

Cap Cana, a private retreat inside Punta Cana. Cap Cana is made up of 30,000 acres of flawless beaches, and oceanfront roads. It is the ideal destination for any traveler, with a variety of things to do, such as, water sports and outdoor activities, and quality restaurants. This destination is also home to Punta Espada Golf Club, which is considered one of the best golf courses in the Caribbean. Cap Cana also holds one of the most spectacular Marinas in the world, famous and accredited by international journals for its fishing. All of these amenities combined with Cap Cana’s turquoise waters and white sand beaches make it one of the most beautiful and desirable vacation spots in the world.

Things to do

If you are looking for a taste of the tropics, search no further than Punta Cana. You'll find yourself surrounded by sun, sand, and sea on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. 

When you look at the map and try to plan your Punta Cana excursions, you're sure to be torn. Should you visit Altos de Chavon and venture back in time to an artist's rendition of a medieval village that would have graced the European landscape? What about Astron, the captivating Russian shipwreck that can be seen from the beach?

If you have had enough of Punta Cana activities, why not kick back and relax at Bavaro? You'll find a string of bars and restaurants. Eat, drink, and be merry as you lie in the sun, watch the palm trees sway, and listen to the waves rolling in. If seaside pleasure is your cup of tea, nearby Catalina Island is definitely a must see location before you leave


Designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, Punta Espada Golf Club is rated as the finest course in the Caribbean and Mexico by Golfweek magazine and features eight holes that play directly along the ocean. All guests of the Sanctuary enjoy complimentary transportation to and from the nearby course, and forecaddies for each group.

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Juanillo VIP

Explore Cap Cana while enjoying its most spectacular highlights in a full day of luxury! Cruise along its dazzling coast in a catamaran and cool off at our natural pool. Delight in an exquisite three course meal with lobster as the main dish, served at our exclusive club right on Juanillo Beach. Have some cocktails and relax at the breathtaking Juanillo Beach. To end the perfect day, visit our park and discover the renowned Hoyo Azul.

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Sunshine Cruise

Spend an afternoon in paradise at Cap Cana! Visit the most exclusive marina in the Caribbean, sail in our spacious double deck catamaran along the stunning Cap Cana coastline followed by a snorkeling experience on the reef. Relax while enjoying a cold drink at the sand bar in the crystal clear blue waters of Punta Cana. Then why not sample some Mama Juana to warm you up afterwards? This tour takes place in a relaxing chill out environment. Open bar, fruits and a light lunch are included. You deserve it!

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Beach Getaway

Have a taste of the lifestyle of the rich & famous! Discover one of the most gorgeous hidden beach locations on the island. Juanillo Beach is living proof that not all beaches were created equal; here you will find two miles of unspoiled, palm-lined beach which boasts the whitest sand that leads to some of the world’s clearest, most crystalline waters you’ll ever see.

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Vive Juanillo

Vive Juanillo and enjoy a day in Paradise!
The first stop on this adventure will be at the coral reef, where you will be able to feed the fish right from your hands and have an unforgettable diving experience. After the dive we will stop at the natural pool of Juanillo: blow off some stress and relax while enjoying a cold beer or a Cuba Libre in the clear waters of this chest-deep sand bank.

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Zip Lines Eco Adventure

Feel the adrenaline and enjoy the sensation of flying through a canopy of trees as you speed through 9 safe double-cable zip lines in this amazing adventure. With the platforms set in a natural high cliff, the zip line has breathtaking views of the Caribbean coastline and lush natural scenery. The tour also includes a number of interesting ecological trails, a hanging bridge and via ferrata between the platforms. The adventure of a lifetime!

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Cenote Indigena Las Ondas

Discover the mystic and breathtaking cenote “Las Ondas”! This adventure starts with an unhurried, relaxing eco walk, through a trail located in the surroundings of a tropical dry forest. Throughout this tour you will be able to see vivid representations and depictions of the Tainos, their rituals and the objects used in their daily living as well as learning all about the flora and fauna that surrounds you. Upon reaching the mouth of the cave, you will ascend this impressive cenote through a staircase in which you will witness original Taino pictograms, authentic evidence that they made use of this cave.

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Iguabonita Cave Expedition

Regarded as the finest caving expedition in Punta Cana, both exciting and educational! Hike up into the slopes of El Farallon Cliff, go through a pristine jungle while learning all about the flora and fauna of the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean islands. Upon reaching the mouth of the cave, descend an ecofriendly staircase and go through the vast underground network of chambers and tunnels that lie beneath. Adventure awaits!

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Hoyo Azul Eco Tour

Discover a hidden cenote located at the foot of a 75mt high cliff with the most astonishingly turquoise waters nature can offer. Pass over a bridge with a stunning panoramic view of the magnificent farallon; visit Orchid, Bromeliad, Fern, Cactus and endemic plants stations and learn all about the flora, fauna and endemic species of the island. This excursion will bring you face to face with the Dominican Republic’s and other Caribbean islands’ amazing eco systems. Get ready to feel nature!

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Dual Pack Sunshine

In Scape Park you can choose to combine one activity with Sunshine Cruise! Without a doubt, the most extreme is starting your adventure flying through our Zip Lines and, at the end of the day, relax and cool off in our Sunshine Cruise. In this exclusive deal that will surely exceed your expectations, you will enjoy the privilege of saving time and money in the process. That’s more fun with less money!

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Horseback Riding

“Scape” your resort for an exciting horse riding adventure! Enjoy a great horseback ring tour at the country themed horse estate in Cap Cana. You will enjoy a beautiful country side trails, learn about the local fauna and flora, non riding activities, history of the horse, horse behavior, safety, anatomy, breeds and lasso tricks.

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